Treating our customers fairly

Treating Our Customers Fairly

Our Vision

We use smart technology, smart people and smart ideas to give you our very best. We want you to get great value energy and know you’ll get great customer service when you need us.

Fair, Simple, Clear

We'll always aim to work in a straightforward and open way. We'll make sure everything we send you is clear and easy to understand, and we'll always act in your best interests.

We're constantly looking to make our superstar service even more super - this includes working with third parties such as Citizens Advice to establish best practices to keep our customers happy.

Our Charges

We offer free smart metering to give the power back to the people - our My Account service allows you to view your usage so you can make tweaks at home to save energy, money and the environment. We're flexible with the products we offer, giving you the power to choose a tariff that suits you best.

Handling Complaints

Our team members receive regular training and we're dedicated to giving you our best customer service, but we know sometimes things can still go wrong. If you're ever unhappy with how we've handled something, please get in touch and we'll do our best to fix it. You can find our complaints policy here.

We’re Human Too

We understand that you may occasionally feel extremely frustrated, and that it’s no one’s wish to spend their time talking to their energy company, we just ask that you remember we’re human too, and we’re here to help in any way we can.

It might seem obvious to say, but we have a duty of care to all our employees, and as unacceptable as it would be for any of us to act unprofessionally, shouting, swearing or inappropriate behaviour towards our staff cannot be allowed.

In extreme cases, and we’d exhaust all other options first, we may have to report the matter to the police.

We’re big fans of deep breaths and cups of tea when we’re frustrated, but we can assure you we don’t ever want you to feel like we’re letting you down, and that all of us here will do everything we can to fix the problem as quickly as we can.