Privacy Policy

Your personal information

If you are a customer, we are required to hold, use and pass on certain personal information in order to provide you services, fulfil our contractual obligations and satisfy our legal obligations as energy suppliers.

Your information we use for these purposes is:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your other contact details – phone numbers, Email address, social media accounts
  • Your payment details
  • Any vulnerabilities you may have (to maintain our priority services register)
  • Date of Birth
  • Metering information – meter type, meter reads, tariffs information, usage data
  • Technical data: such as IP addresses, login details and cookies


Other activities we use your information for

In addition the information we use to fulfil our contractual and legal obligations we may also use, store or pass on your personal information for other business purposes, examples of other uses are:

  • To ask you how we can improve our services.
  • To create statistics, test computer systems and do analysis of our data.
  • Help prevent, detect and collect debt – this could include passing your information to credit check and debt collection agencies.
  • To detect and report fraud, energy theft and other crimes.
  • Help us train our staff.
  • Energy industry information flows.


For example, if you have a smart meter fitted, information will be passed to our meter providers and engineers to enable that process.


We will only use your contact details for marketing purposes if you consent to it. We initially obtain this consent when you sign up, but you’re able to withdraw this consent at any time.


When you switch to us from another provider, we will obtain certain key information from your old provider including; your address, meter readings, usage information, and meter type. We will also pass this information on to your new provider when you switch away from us.

Information Retention periods

We keep the personal information we collect for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which we collected it.

The length of time depends on the purposes for which we used it, or otherwise to meet our legal obligations.

Your rights under GDPR

If you chose to exercise your rights under GDPR, please contact us. We will always support a customer who makes a GDPR request and will try and respond in a timely manner.

If you would like to make a subject access request or have any questions about our GDPR compliance, please contact us on