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Smart Meters

Super Smart meters

TOTO Energy installs one type of smart meter… the best. We’ve scoured the market, tried all the suppliers to bring you an accurate, reliable meter that we’ll install for free.


Accurate bills

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Automatic reads

Piggy Bank

Tremendous tariffs

Payment methods to suit everyone

Top up from anywhere and know exactly how much you use.

  • Smart meter installation included
  • Top-up online anywhere or at your local Post Office or PayPoint
  • Keep on top of your energy usage
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Just set it and forget it.

If you want a hassle free way to pay for your energy

Start Saving Now

The simplest way to budget your energy bills.

  • Set a regular, affordable payment
  • Top-up if you use more energy than usual

Think of it like your weekly shop.  You pay a regular weekly payment that covers you most of the time, top-up that payment when you use more.

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