List of TOTO Services

Here are a list of services we offer, some you might expect, some you might never know you love until you try them!

Meter Reads:

Meter reads are the most important thing to us. If we have regular, accurate reads from you we can bill you accurately and make sure your bills always reflect your usage. This means you won’t pay too much or too little. If you give us information that means your Direct Debit needs to go up or down, we’ll make that adjustment to your payment (and let you know what’s going on).

You can enter your meter reads by:

  • Going to your MyAccount area ‘METER READS’ section, and
  • By replying to our monthly meterbot text – a sophisticated text service that know all about your previous reads and your meter type. It’s the quickest way to send them to us.

Smart Meters:

The best way to give us reads, however, is to have Smart Meters, and if you don’t already have them, we’ll install them free of charge!

We’re one of the very few small suppliers at the cutting edge of Smart Meter technology. You can book in via our Smartbot text service or by calling in and speaking to one of our fantastic agents!

Monthly Billing:

All our customers have monthly billing at no additional cost (we email you the information though as we’re conscientious about our carbon footprint too).

This means you can see how your last month’s usage has affected your payments. We’ll always keep you up-to-date with any payment review and only ever base your payments on what you use.

Some energy supplier bill quarterly but this can mean you’re direct debit changes can be quite large. With monthly billing (and regular meter reads) you can monitor your usage and make adjustments more quickly.

The Priority Services Register:

Sometimes your circumstances will change and you may need some help. Our specialist team here at TOTO are experts in helping you deal with all kinds of situations that mean you need a priority service.

But we need to know what your circumstances are so we can give the best advice.

  • Do you have medical equipment in the home?
  • Has your financial situation changed?
  • Do you have a young family (children under 5)?
  • Do you have a chronic illness?

The full list of qualifying priorities can be found here: - alternatively speak to any of our agents and we really will take everything you tell us into consideration.

Our Automated payment line:

Need to make a payment? Have a bill to pay? Want to bring down your monthly DD?

You can make a payment direct to your account on our APL by calling 0333 016 2019 at any time of the day or night!

Then just follow the instructions and you can make a payment without having to queue or speak to an agent!

Ways to contact us:

  • You can call us on 0333 210 7070
  • Our automated services will also be offered when you call
  • You can email us at
  • You can speak to one of our awesome livechat agents at
  • Or you can write to us at: TOTO Energy, First Floor East Lockside, Brighton Marina BN2 5HA